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dark_agenda's Journal

Dark_Agenda literary community
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This community is dedicated to writers, and lovers, of dark literature and poetry. Members are invited to post their own writings here to share with others or to make recommendations for good reading material.
The rules of the community are quite simple.

1) Do not disrespect members of the community. Constructive feedback (both positive and negative) is welcome, but make sure it is done in a non-offensive manner.
2) Please give proper credit for all poems and short stories you post, even if they are yours.
3) Keep posts on the subject of dark literature and poetry. For personal posts, use your own journal or a more appropriate community. This includes posting results from online polls and surveys.
4) All material printed here is the copyright of it's original author. Please do not take anything from here without the consent of the author or without giving proper credit to the original author.