Dusk Peterson (duskpeterson) wrote in dark_agenda,
Dusk Peterson

New stories: war, prison, slavery, lord/liegeman, & leather (friendship tales & gay stories)

"Do you have any questions about the instruments of torture I use?" ¶ Fantasy novellas on war, imprisonment, and slavery are reposted at Darkling Plain, Main Stream, The Eternal Dungeon, and Master/Other.
"They should be shot. Every one of them. Will, if I discover who they are." ¶ Online excerpts are now available for upcoming installments of The Eternal Dungeon and Life Prison, and for the upcoming medieval science fiction novel From Hell to the Stars.
"I don't believe I have ever spoken to you of my first master." ¶ A new booktrailer for the master/apprentice fantasy novella Crossing the Cliff is released.
"I did not say that I would serve you only on condition that you not give me any hard tasks to do." ¶ The lord/liegeman fantasy novel Blood Vow continues to be serialized at The Three Lands.
"Honest to God, Lawnville College's Fall Cotillion isn't my usual hunting ground." ¶ The next story installment of Leather, Licking, and Lawnmowers is posted at Leather in Lawnville.

The details, with links to the stories.

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